Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit careers can be incredibly rewarding, particularly when you're truly invested in the cause that your nonprofit is championing. Whether you're just getting started or you've been working in the nonprofit world for several years, one way to advance your career in this sector is to seek a master’s degree in public administration.

An online master's degree in this field affords you the ultimate in flexibility and higher education. You'll be able to learn anywhere and at any time with some of the country's top faculty in public administration. You'll gain skills and increased knowledge about how you can lead an organization in serving the public interest. You'll leave with confidence about management in the nonprofit sector, making an online Master of Public Administration a significant stepping stone to advancement in your career.



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Careers in Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit management jobs appeal to employees seeking to contribute on a management level towards the goals of a nonprofit organization. Employees in the nonprofit arena use skill sets and often enjoy working in a team atmosphere. Below are three popular careers in nonprofit management, ideal for someone transitioning into a new role after receiving their Master of Public Administration degree.

Director of Development - Median Salary: $61,855

Development directors are typically on the senior leadership team for their nonprofit. Generally, their responsibilities will be threefold: demonstrating leadership in targeting development and fundraising opportunities for the organization, enabling the organization's board to operate current programs while implementing expansion plans for the future, and generating proposals and presentations that put the best foot forward for that organization to be shared with others. This position would appeal to those who have an ability to work well independently as well as on a team and those with experience in raising funds and working directly with donors.

Executive Director - Median Salary: $64,140

The executive director of a nonprofit organization is essentially helping to lead the organization forward and must have previous experience in leading a team. An executive director helps to reinforce and share the mission of the nonprofit and frequently has organizing, fiscal, and policy experience in their background. The executive director most often works with both the employees of the organization and the board, so the ideal candidate will enjoy working on a variety of high-level tasks.

Community Outreach Manager - Median Salary: $51,994

Community outreach managers are often the liaison between the nonprofit organization and the community (both public and private). Outreach managers will be responsible for developing and monitoring relationships with community service providers and partners. The manager frequently is involved in creating new development program initiatives and expanding those initiatives into new communities. Often, the manager will be directly involved in managing aspects of projects from start to finish, including meeting goals and staying on schedule.

If you're passionate about nonprofit and want to work in a fulfilling career helping give back to others, there's never been a better time to further your advancement and begin your online Master of Public Administration. Commit to finishing the program on your time and on your terms, and watch your career options grow.

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